2013 Racing Rules

Racing Rules


1. RULES: the races conducted by the LBSA will be governed by the International Sailing Federation –“The Racing Rules of Sailing 2013-2016” as adopted and amended and prescriptions by the US Sailing Association, except as any of these are altered by these sailing instructions.

2. EQUIPMENT: Safety equipment per USCG requirements will be required.

3. REGISTRATION: All boat captains must submit a registration form for their boat prior to the start of the race series. Boats wishing to sail on a limited basis must submit the registration form along with fees at the Captains meeting before the race.

4. CHANGES: The Race Committee shall be notified at least 1 hour prior to a race of any changes in registration or rating.

5. RATINGS: All boat captains shall obtain a LBSA PHRF rating for their vessel through LBSA PHRF Committee Chairman at least upon registration or 1 hour prior to the start of a race.

6. COMMITTEE BOAT: All registered yachts will be placed in a lottery to serve as race committee if needed. A schedule will be posted on the results of the lottery. The average of a yacht’s best qualifying races will be used as the score for any race in which a yacht serves as committee boat. PARTICIPATION IS MANDATORY. Any yacht refusing will be scored DSQ for that race.

7. POSTPONEMENT, ABANDONMENT, CANCELLATION and RETIREMENT: The Race Committee shall monitor channel 72 starting thirty minutes (30) prior to start time. The Race Committee via channel 72 will broadcast notice of cancellation, postponement or abandonment. Retiring yachts are expected to notify the Race Committee by radio or otherwise they will assume a DSQ.

8. SCORING: A low point scoring system will be used. Yachts shall score 1 point for first place, 2 points for second place, and so on.

DNF will be scored last place for the boats racing that race.

DNS will be scored last place for the number of boats in the series.

DSQ will be scored last place for the number of boats in the series, plus one.

8. BREAKING TIES: When there is a tie on total points between two or more yachts, the tie shall be broken in favor of the yacht, which beat the other yachts, the most. If tie still remains it shall be broken in favor of the yacht with the most first places, and when the tie remains, the most second places and so on, if necessary, for such races as count for total point. If a tie still remains, it stands.

9. SAIL NUMBERS: All yachts are to approach and hail the Race Committee boat on a starboard tack, prior to a race, so their sail numbers and/or yacht name may be recorded.

10. STARTING: The starting line will be between the white flag on the Committee Boat and the nearby mark. The Race Committee may use an inner limit or keep away mark at the start. When this mark is used the yachts that are starting must pass between the inner limit keep away mark and the outer mark when they are approaching the line to start. Yachts that are approaching the line to start must NOT hit the Committee Boat nor pass between it and the keep away mark.

11. STARTING SIGNALS: Races shall be started by using the following signals. Times shall be taken from the visual signals; the absence of a sound signal shall be disregarded.

Signal                  Flag & Sound                          Minutes to Start

Warning           Class flag – 1 Sound                               5

     Preparatory      Black flag – 1 Sound                               4

One Minute    Prep flag removed, 1 Long Sound          1

START          Class flag removed – 1 Sound                0

The warning signal of each succeeding class shall be made with the starting

Signal of the preceding class.

First race starting time is 1230 with the warning being sounded at 1225

12. ROUNDING MARKS: All marks are to be left to port unless the next mark in the course is to starboard, in which case the mark will be left to starboard.

13. Y FLAG RULE: If the Y Flag is displayed off the stern of the RC boat, then the Y Rule is in effect.

14. SHORTENING THE COURSE: The course may be shortened at any turning mark at the discretion of the Race Committee.

15. FINISHING: Yachts must finish from the direction of the last mark between the white flag on the Committee Boat and the nearby mark.

16. TIME LIMIT: The time limit for each fleet will be 45 minutes after the first yacht in that fleet has crossed the finish line. In the event of light air, the race may be shortened at the leeward mark. Race Committee will fly Code flag “S”.

17. COURSES: A, B1, B2, C, D, E , F & G course layouts on web page. International Pendants displayed from the Race Committee boat will designate the courses. If two flags are displayed, “A” Class will sail the course designated by the top flag. “B” and “C” class will sail the course designated by the corresponding flag. Alternately, if flags are not used to designate a course the course with heading and distance to the first mark may be displayed on a board. The course each class will sail may be designated by 1S for one sausage or 1T for one triangle. Any combination of numbers and T’s or S’s may be used.

A sample follows: Heading 190degs Distance 1.2 mile Class “A” 1S, 2T, 1S Class “B” 1S, 2T Class ”C” 1S, 1T

18. ALTERNATIVE PENALTIES: The 720 turn penalty, Appendix 44.1 of the racing rules will be used for the entire series. Or 1 turn penalty when she has broken rule 31 (touching a mark)

19. MANDATORY RETIREMENT: Any yacht having physical contact with the Committee boat must RETIRE

20. PROTEST: A protesting yacht must fly a protest flag and follow the rules required by USSA. Notify Race Committee as to which yacht you are protesting, and whether or not you have notified that yacht.

    • Protests shall be written on forms available at the Official Notice Board and lodged there within Protest Time, which will begin when the RC boat docks and end sixty (60) minutes later. Protests shall be posted at the post race party.
    • Protest notices will be posted to inform competitors when there is a hearing in which they are interested parties or witnesses. Said notice will state the time and place of hearing and will be posted within one and one half hours after the committee boat docks. The jury will hear protests in approximately the order of receipt.
    • Protests to be lodged at the point of arrival of the Race Committee, at the post race party.

21. DSQ: A disqualified will not be allowed as a throw out.

22. RETIREMENT AND DNF: A retired or did not finish will be allowed as a throw out. If a yacht has a RET or DNF and a DSQ in the same race, the DSQ will govern.

23. RECALLS: Recalls will be announced on Channel 72, plus

    • INDIVIDUAL: One horn, plus raising of Code Flag “X”, plus hailing the Boat’s numbers and/or name. 
    • GENERAL: Two horns, plus raising Code Flag “First Substitute”

24. QUESTIONS: Please do not ask the Race Committee any questions once the course flag has been displayed or when yachts are finishing.

25. CLASSES: Boats will be assigned to classes according to rating or design by the Race Committee prior to the race. Early registration is required in order to set up proper classes.

Class A = Based on speed, spinnaker use is assumed.

Class B = Based on speed, spinnaker use is optional and time is added.

Class C = Based on speed, spinnaker use is optional and time is added.

26. AWARDS: Generally awards will be given to first and second places per a class/series of races. If more than 10 boats compete in a class/series a third place award will be given. Other awards may be given from time to time.

27. CANCELED RACES: Will be made up on the next Saturday following the canceled race. Provided there is not a race scheduled on that Saturday.

28. END OF SERIES THROW-OUT RACES: The number of throw-out races will be 15% of the total number of races sailed rounded up or down to the nearest whole number, with .5 and above being rounded up and everything else rounded down.

29. SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: All yachts must conform to class four safety regulations of the US Sailing Recommendations for Offshore Sailing including the Offshore Racing Council (OCR) Special Regulations for Category 4 as amended, with the following amendment.

    • Life jackets will be worn at the start and finish of the race except when the
    • Captain of the boat directs that flotation devices may be set aside.
    • This series shall be classified as a Category 4 event.
    • All yachts shall sail with their propellers locked.

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