2007 August 25th Race Results

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Race One


1. Winds of Freedom
2. Lickety Split
3. Tenor

1. Runaway
2. La BonVie
3. Achilles Heel
4. Kathy Lynn

Race Two


1. Winds of Freedom
2. Lickety Split
3. Tenor

1. Runnaway
2. La BonVie
3. Achilles Heel
4. Kathy Lynn









2007 Rocket Regatta

The 2007 Rocket Regatta!!!

August 17 – 19, 2007

Rocket Regatta.

The details are on the Cape Fear Yacht Club web site…


there are links to the NOR and registration.

we’ve got some free dockage at South Harbour Village Marina…but let me know quickly! You can email your registration to me, or just email me and tell me you will be here.

See you in Southport

Bob Griffith svkellyallen@aol.com

2007 Wooden Boat Race

Hello  2007 Wooden Boat Racers! Remember how much fun we’ve had for the last 10 years?  … crashing into docks, falling out of dinghys, dragging canoes, running aground, almost running into booty boats…

 On August 4th this year we’ll again test our sailing ability to get ourselves in and out of the Southport Yacht Basin without auxiliary propulsion and with some measure of sailing dignity left to our reputations! 

 Race day schedule looks like this:

 Noon:  Crew brief and keg tap

1:00 p.m.:  Race start  

4:00 p.m.:  After race party and awards

 All events take place at Flava’s across from The Provision Company in Southport’s Old Yacht Basin.

 If you’re planning to race please register by replying to this email.

 Hope to see you on Race Day!

 Gwen and Jamie



July 28th Race Results

Click here to see the 2007 July 28th Race Results

Here are the race results for this past saturdays race. I just formated it as a pdf so you will need Adobe Reader to view it. If anyone has problems with this let me know. I’m thinking that this will make things much simpler for posting results as well as let members download and save their own copy of each races’ results in PDF format.

Southport Race

Our own dear Ben Edkins wrote a report of the now infamaous southport race. I have put up on the website for posterity or is that hilarity
Scott Carle

Dear Brothers and Sisters of the LBSA,
Please forgive that I usurp the hallowed LBSA email list to report
race results, but I figure that since WOF was the only boat that showed
up, well then I need to report the results.
As we rounded the turn at Bird Island we watched as storm clouds
thickened coming from the west. As a prudent mariner would, I polled the
crew to see if they thought it was a good idea to deliberately go out in
what could be a thunder storm with the possibility of water spouts and
the sort. We all agreed that it was in fact an excellent idea so we
parted the jetties. I was fearless in the knowledge that if I soiled my
shorts I had a fresh pair in my sea bag.
The gallant crew of James Dodd, Danny Caswell, Eric Carlson, Greg
Langley, and yours truely, being of relatively sound bodys and only
slightly alcohol impaired minds were off to Southpark( I mean Southport).
Before going to sea there is always meticulus planning and provisioning
which was why I had two cases of Corona’s and a half gallon of Scorsby on
board. Being a wise skipper, I learn from my mistakes. It was not
enough, so next time I’ll have to bring more. God looks after crazy
people and sailors so we all knew we had a lot going for us. The storm
did in fact skirt around us for the most part. We did have the mandatory
reefing drill, just to prove to ourselves that we could do it even when
we were sober. The weather improved and the sobriety was short lived.
The ride to Southport was fast which is the reason we caught no fish. We
were trolling too fast for Charlie tuna to catch up to us.( Yea thats it!
That’s the ticket!).
Being the civilized racers we are, we got a slip at Southport Marina
and plugged in so we could have air conditioning for the night. The
whole crew agrees that the air conditioner I put on the boat makes it
much faster. Truthfully, if it helps attract and keep good crew, it does
in fact make the boat go faster. Saturday night we cleaned up the boat
and our salty selves and took a taxi through the rain for a memorably
excellent meal at Mr. P’s Bistro.
Sunday morning we simply unplugged, untied and were gone as we were
still rubbing the sand from our eyes. The wind was close to the nose so
it took nine hours to beat back to Little River. Only one crew was ill.
He had had a little misunderstanding with Jose Cuervo the night before.
(This is what sailors call a “rum squall”) By the time we got back to the
dock he was healed enough to have a refreshing beer. See what a little
wind and fresh salt air can do ?!
All in all I declare WOF the winner as we did in fact pass Tenor (in
her berth at Mariners Point)as we came down the waterway back to Coquina.
That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Ben Edkins – SOS CPA ,fortunate skipper of the airconditioned racing
vessel Winds of Freedom ( WOF), proud winner of the Little River to
Southport race ; )

June 30th Race and Captains meeting

Hello all of the LBSA:

As all or most of you all are aware of Jeff and Rene Defalco had a fire this last week and suffered severe damage. Both of their cars were destroyed and the house suffered severe damage at least according to the pictures I saw. Jeff, Rene if there is anything we can do to help let us know!!

Now, about this weekend race. As all of you are aware we have a race scheduled for this coming saturday. We will do the Captains meeting 0900 at the Myrtle Beach Yacht Club under the veranda. I hope to see as many as possible there, our attendance at our races seems to be on the decline this year! Let’s see if we can’t change that.

After the race we will meet offshore and tentatively plan on the first race beginning at 1100 or as close to that time as possible. The second race will begin as soon as possible after the first race ends. There has been some talk about after the race some boats rafting up behind either Bird or Waites Island. There has also been some talk of anchoring out for one or two nights. I could not anchor out on saturday but may do so on friday, I have to work on sunday.

Is there anyone out there that would like to run committee boat for this race? I hope to see all of you saturday morning at the captains meeting or out on the water for the race and possibly the after activities.

Have a safe week and enjoy the water every chance you get!!

Angela Simms

Commodore LBSA


(Duchess of the Deep/Planetary Commander) haha!!

2007 Governors Cup is in the History Books

Well ladies and gentlemen of the LBSA the 2007 Governors Cup is in the books. The showing this year was light but the competition was intense and challenging. As most of you know we did not have the best of weather this weekend with the storm coming up out of Florida. We had not huge seas on Saturday but big seas. They were not too bad out past the buoy but still not flat like we tend to get so used to. The winds were gust ranging from 10 to 20 knots. Unfortunately we had to cancel the race on Sunday but we did get two races in on Saturday.

I want to thank our Race Committee Craig Milliken and his son Brad from Lake Norman Yacht club for officiating this event for us. I also want to thank Richard Truett for his work on preparing this event and for running the committee boat for us. I would be completely remiss in my duties if I did not thank Cheryl Locke, Rene and Jeff Defalco for all of their hard work. Cheryl arranged for the caterer and hors douvres for Friday at the captains meeting. Rene brought hors douvres and she managed to get us a place at Mariners Point on Saturday when the weather was inclement for outdoor festivities. Rene also arranged out music for the evening and I want to thank him as well. It was Johnny Rene’s brother and his music was fantastic. Jeff arranged for us to have trophies for presentation on Sunday and he assisted with the PHRFF and race results. Thanks to all for all of your assistance without which this event would not have been possible.

Now for the part that everyone is interested in the race results. The two races went off without a hitch and were excellently run. For now I am only going to announce the overall winners as the total race results will be posted a little later.

From Cruising Class the following are the Results:

in third place was Valkyr.

2nd place went to Sea Puppy

1st place was awarded to Achilles Heel

congratulations to those captains and their crews.

Now for the racing class. The results are as follows:

3rd place went to TeeSou

2nd place went to Winds of Freedom

1st place went to the new Beneteau boat Tenor

The overall winner for the event also goes to the new Beneteau boat Tenor.

Congratulations to all of the crews and especially to winners.

Hopefully next year we will have a better field with more boats and better weather. I am sure the weather played a part in the small showing this year. I hope all that participated in the event and festivities enjoyed themselves and will return next year.

Good luck to all and good sailing. I will be posting information and upcoming events periodically so stay in touch and view the web page often.

Angela, Commodore