2007 Rocket Regatta

The 2007 Rocket Regatta!!!

August 17 – 19, 2007

Rocket Regatta.

The details are on the Cape Fear Yacht Club web site…


there are links to the NOR and registration.

we’ve got some free dockage at South Harbour Village Marina…but let me know quickly! You can email your registration to me, or just email me and tell me you will be here.

See you in Southport

Bob Griffith svkellyallen@aol.com

2007 Wooden Boat Race

Hello  2007 Wooden Boat Racers! Remember how much fun we’ve had for the last 10 years?  … crashing into docks, falling out of dinghys, dragging canoes, running aground, almost running into booty boats…

 On August 4th this year we’ll again test our sailing ability to get ourselves in and out of the Southport Yacht Basin without auxiliary propulsion and with some measure of sailing dignity left to our reputations! 

 Race day schedule looks like this:

 Noon:  Crew brief and keg tap

1:00 p.m.:  Race start  

4:00 p.m.:  After race party and awards

 All events take place at Flava’s across from The Provision Company in Southport’s Old Yacht Basin.

 If you’re planning to race please register by replying to this email.

 Hope to see you on Race Day!

 Gwen and Jamie



Great 2007 Spring Banquet!

Information  concerniing this last weekend and upcoming events. I want to thank all who made the first race of the season and also the banquet. I think fun was had by one and all on the water and I know we had a good time eating and talking at the banquet. I was formally elected as the commodore and Cheryl Locke was elected as the Vice Commodore for this year. Lou Roper has agreed to be our secretary, Pat Tyler our treasurer, Richard our fleet captain, jeff Defalco will be in charge of our PHRFF ratings and final race results using PHRFF and last but not least Scott Carle our new webmaster. 

I want to thank all for volunteering to fill these positions and giving us their time. I also want to implore each of you to think about when you can do committee for a race, even if you are not a boat owner or just crew you can do committee. Let’s try to get the committee boat and buoys out as many times as possible this year. I think havin buoys out makes for a better race!

Also, I need to insure that all are aware of the Bald Head Island Regatta which will be held April 19-22, 2007. I know we have a race scheduled for that weekend but I would like to encourage anyone wanting to go race to please do so. I know we have had boats go up in the past and all have said they had a great time. When I was doing the schedule unfortunately this information was not available and I scheduled a race for us that weekend, but please feel free to go race with another club and have a wonderful experience.

There are some other things that I want to discuss with all of you but will do so at another date. If you did not make it to this first race you missed an excellent day on the ocean, whether you are a die hard racer or someone that goes out just for the sake of going out and enjoying the camaraderie.

I hope to see everyone at the next race that I can attend, I will not be at the next race as that is a Saturday I have to work.

Thanks to all for their time, camaraderie and friendship.


Commodore, (aka Duchess of the Deep, Planetary Commander)

2007 Spring Banquet

Hello all, just a quick not to all to say that the race season is fast approaching. Our first race is scheduled for March 31 and our spring banquet will be the 31st also at Grill House in NMB. Drinks will be at 1830 and dinner at 1900.

I hope to have the schedule up on our web site soon so all can see. We will be awarding the trophies for 2006 at the banquet. Please let me know if  you plan on attending so we can get a count to the restaraunt. Also, start thinking about race committee duties. I would like to get our committee boat out for all of out races if possible. I think it just makes the race better managed and easier to change the course if needed.

Thanks and hope to see all at the race and banquet.


Welcome to the new LBSA website

As you will have noticed we have a new website. For current updates and changing content please visit the active webpages here in the weblog. You can find newsletters, race results, scheadules and other misc items posted here. On the main site will be content that is more static and doesnt   change that often such as the club bylaws, current boating regulations for our local area and other such content.

We also have a new photo gallery that will be member accessable to upload photos to that relate to sailing or club events. At this time you need to request a username and password to be created for you in the photogallery. This is a one time even and you will be able to access it at anytime using that password and user name.

I would like feedback on the site so feel free to contact me at scott-nospam-@scott-nospam-carle.com  just remove the -nospam- out of the address. I hope you enjoy it and will hopefully be able to continue to improve it as time goes on.

Scott Carle