JULY 11, Hot day, Hot race

Five seconds separate Likety from TeeSou after a grueling two hours plus race in light wind. With a commanding lead of 10′ at the reaching mark , Likety Split was looking really good for the finish but TeeSou shaved 5′ at the bottom of the triangle and caught them at the top of the sausage but had to give room at the mark as Likety was within the two boat lengths. Both spinnakers went up and a battle of “catch each other wind” ran the whole mile down with a final push by Likety Split to claim victory. Also worth mentioning Run A way finishing just ahead of the racers but way behind Flying Low author of a clean round the buoys course.

TeeSou with technical problems is way behind ( left)
Flying Low
Race 1Wind5-10Start at 11.30 amRC PLG
Racing1T 1S
Lickety1682h 16’44”136.735.472.80121.411
TeeSou1682h 16’49”138.815.472.80123.492
Run away1822h16’40”136.663.373.03126.442
Flying low1801h 44’19”104.313.373.0094.201
Race 2Wind 10Start at 2.05pmRC PLG
Racing½ S
Run away182DNC01.053.03-3.197
Flying low18017’21”17.351.053.0014.201

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