Four boats braved the steep waves of  the  inlet  to race the intended  two laps course : Sea buoy to NC weather buoy and back. Wind well established from the East at 15  gusting to 20 kn. Swell was between 3 to 4 ft with the occasional  5ft. For the first time of the season TeeSou changed the genoa for the 100% blade with Likety split  following shortly after.  No change on the cruising boats as they were ready for condition favoring their size. Rough ride indeed to reach the first  mark ( 1 hour for 3 miles for the first boat) as the gusts went one notch  higher to 25kn .   It was decided to shorten the race to one lap .  Bohemian Blue retire from the race due to steering problem but was able to return home safely.


Run A Way


Race 1 Aug 31st Wind 15-25 3 to 4′ swell Start at 11.45 am
Boat PHRF Ela.clock Ela.corr. Distance Adjust. Correct.time Position
Racing SB-WB-SB
Lickety 168 85’52” 85.86 6 2.80 69.06 2
TeeSou 168 83’18” 83.3 6 2.80 66.50 1
Cruising SB-WB-SB
Run A Way 182 135 135 6 3.03 116.80 1 estim.
Bohemian Blue 132 DNF 0 6 2.20 -13.20 0

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