Gov’s Cup June 23-24

Overall  winner:  RUN-A-WAY

The pursuit of fame (!) pushed some skippers  to hire top guns  as far as out of state 🙂         Run-a-way got the help of Ben Edkins,  skipper of the famous ” Winds of Freedom” from NC.  TeeSou brought on board main trimmer Leonard Brown to assist Annick. Likety Split comfirmed Jim Pike as driver and Jeff  went dancing on the foredeck. Blind date opened it cockpit to a third crew on Sunday with J.D.  New boats Flying Low and La Lune D’azur joined the fleet for a day.   Saturday racing was tight as the RC ran two races in wind ranging 10 to 14 with a moderate swell. TeeSou pulled two upset  in racing while Run-a-way  clinched the cruising  with Blind date first finishes in  both races but could not save it rating . Sunday with shorter races in lighter conditions , crews were eager for a clean sweep. TeeSou concede  race 3 by 3 seconds but manage to regroup for a final win in race 4 and claimed the top spot in the racing fleet while Breck  pulled a 23 second lead on Blind date and conquer the cruising  title and overall victory  (fastest per mile)

From Ben Edkin,

Patrick,    Thank you for your very skilled and excellent work in the Governors Cup.

Too much time had past.  I missed the hunt and I missed my racing buds. It was time to revisit old stomping grounds, press the flesh, and feel the salt spray on my face again…it was, after all, the “Governors Cup” !     Thank you LBSA for your open arms. I was touched by so many of you…Thank you Breckenridge for kicking your game up a couple notches.  You and your welcoming crew made it fun.  Congratulations Breck on being cruising class champion!          Ben SOS-CPA🤸🏿‍♂️😎

From Breck,

We went from “too much wind and wave action, we should cancel” to one of the best sailing weekends we had in a long time. winds were 10 to 17 most of the time and wave action stayed under 3ft. The course was setup perfect and the race ran just right. Great time had by all. Pizza at Lou’s was fun after Saturday ‘s race. And good prime rib at Mulligan’s after Sunday’s race. My crew and I had a great time.

From Michael Hetzer:
Racing was very competitive for us across both days and all four races. In Race 1, we got off to a poor start, but regained the lead and held on as the fleet closed on the downwind leg. In Race 2, we had good start, but found ourselves in third place after Runaway and Flying Low sailed a faster course to the first mark. We stayed close and managed to just inch out Runaway at the finish. In Race 3, we had a poor start and decided to make up for it by attempting an aggressive, early tack to the first mark. Too aggressive, as it turned out. We failed to make the mark, lost our boat speed and wound up having to tack twice within a boat-length of the mark. By the time we rounded the mark, Runaway and Flying Low were 7 boat lengths ahead. Oops. We never caught Runaway, but did manage to inch out Flying Low at the finish. In Race 4 we made a poor decision to go high at the final mark, and Runaway took advantage. We caught Flying Low on the final leg, but Runaway was too fast. All-in-all it was two beautiful days on the water.
From Annick,
TeeSou crew on R1&2 was Leonard and Alex. R1: with a good start  we manage  to keep the lead . R2 was good as well but Likety Split had to abandon  at the bottom of the sausage as their boat was taking on water . Sunday TeeSou’s crew Leonard and Julian: In race3 we lost our spinnaker halyard at the 2 sausage  ending up  3 seconds behind Likety Split. Race4 with an average start ,we played the center of the course and finish a mere 16 seconds ahead of LS.
Thanks to Lou for having the pizza party in her place, it was fun.
 Also it is thrilling to see new boats participating.
Congratulations to Run Away and her crew !!

From Leonard,

The LBSA Governors Cup of 2018 was very exciting for all the participants. The competition was fierce in both the Racing and Cruising classes. Run-A-Way nailed the starts and was very impressive with her boat speed and tactics while racing against Blind Date. In the Racing class, Tee Sou and Lickety Split sailed four very dramatic and competitive races. All of us would like to say “Thank You” to Patrick for his hard work and a job well done.

From Renee,

Sailing is SO glamorous! Ha! We had two exciting, sweaty days on the water. Air temperature 90s – water temperature 82.  Plenty of wind. Great to see more boats participating. Lickety Split had to abandon the second race because we were taking on water! Saturday evening we enjoyed Pizza at Lou Roper’s house. Sunday, we won the first race 3 seconds ahead of Tee Sou, but she won the second race. Thanks to our crew – Jim Pike, Lou Roper, Frank McGinnis, and Patty Senkow. Thanks to Patrick for comity boat duty.

Saturday Race 1 Wind 10-14 3′ swell Start at 11.15 am
Boat PHRF Ela.clock Ela.corr. Distance Adjust. Correct.time Position
Racing 1T 1S
Lickety 168 71’35” 71.58 5 2.80 57.58 2
TeeSou 168 69’36” 69.6 5 2.80 55.60 1
Cruising 1T
Run a way 201 51’53” 51.88 3 3.35 41.83 2
Blind date 189 50’45” 50.75 3 3.15 41.30 1
Regulus 90 DNS 3 1.50 -4.50
Flying low 180 DNS 3.00 0.00
La lune d’Azur 189 66’22” 66.36 3 3.15 56.91 3
Race 2 Wind 10-15 3′ swell Start 12.50pm
Boat PHRF Ela.clock Ela.corr. Distance Adjust. Correct.time Position
1T 2S
Lickety 168 DNF 7 2.80 -19.60 2
TeeSou 168 96’44” 96.73 7 2.80 77.13 1
Cruising 1T 3.4
Run a way 201 47’05” 47.08 3.4 3.35 35.69 1
Blind date 189 47’01” 47.01 3.4 3.15 36.30 2
Regulus 90 DNS 3.4 1.50 -5.10
Flying low 180 DNS 3.00 0.00
La lune d’Azur 189 62’49” 62.81 3.4 3.15 52.10 3
Regulus :provisionnal
Flow 177 to 186
Lune 183-189SD
Sunday Race 3 Wind 10-12 2′ swell Start at 11.15 am
Boat PHRF Ela.clock Ela.corr. Distance Adjust. Correct.time Position
Racing 2S
Lickety 168 51’26” 51.43 3.2 2.80 42.47 1
TeeSou 168 51’29” 51.48 3.2 2.80 42.52 2
Cruising 1T
Run a way 201 34’15” 34.25 2.4 3.35 26.21 1
Blind date 189 36’05” 36.08 2.4 3.15 28.52 2
Regulus 90 DNS 2.4 1.50 -3.60
Flying low 180 36’08” 38.13 2.4 3.00 30.93 3
La lune d’Azur 189 DNS 66.36 2.4 3.15 58.80
Race 4 Wind 10-12 2′ swell Start 12.25 pm
Boat PHRF Ela.clock Ela.corr. Distance Adjust. Correct.time Position
Lickety 168 47’31” 47.51 3.2 2.80 38.55 2
TeeSou 168 47’15” 47.25 3.2 2.80 38.29 1
Cruising 1T 3.08
Run a way 201 40’56” 40.93 3.08 3.35 30.61 1
Blind date 189 41’19” 41.31 3.08 3.15 31.61 2
Regulus 90 DNS 3.08 1.50 -4.62
Flying low 180 41’30” 41.50 3.08 3.00 32.26 3
La lune d’Azur 189 DNS 3.08 3.15 -9.70


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