Confusion Reigns on Race Course, Brings Unusual Results

There was a little drama on the race course for race 1.
Course D was a triangle and a sausage. With an excellent choice of the left side, with the tide running out, Southern Cross rounded the first mark well ahead of the racing fleet. Webejammin followed shortly and, in what would have been the reaching leg, passed Southern Cross to lead the whole fleet in the wrong direction toward the seabuoy instead of properly moored reaching mark. Runaway was the only boat that  saw the mark. A brief communication and the fleet went back to round the buoy. Runaway finished first ahead of the racing while Webejammin, not paying attention to the chaos, did the sausage and was DNF for not rounding the proper mark. A lot of unhappy sailors….
First time ever  in the history of the club that the cruising fleet finished ahead of the racing class. Full results are on the “Racing” tab. Photos are on the “Photo Galleries” tab.
-Patrick Le Goff

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