Likety Split takes racing honors; Achilles Heel runs wise race in cruising class

With no rain, a nice breeze from the east around 10/ 12 knots , the last races of the season were a real treat for the participating skippers.
In the racing Likety  won both races and edged out TeeSou to grab the title in a heated  battle.
In the cruising, Southern Cross  showed great potential once again, but pleasure was spoiled by Achilles Heel  in the second race. Al choose wisely the left side of the course when the wind shifted 20 degrees to the right. Confidence III  remains the champion by a comfortable margin. Next year’s season  will be very interesting.
Next event will be a last cruising rally and beach party on   October 22, weather permitting
See you on the water
Patrick and LBSA officers

Photos of race can be viewed here
Race results can be viewed here
Season standings can be viewed here

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