Lickety Split and TeeSou split two races

Race 1, In light winds the battle between Likety and TeeSou ended on the last downwind leg when TeeSou found  more pressure on the right side of the race course while Webejammin was playing with  an old glory ( spinnaker) to try to catch them. Cruising class , with Confidence docked for lack of crew ( Hum …! ?)  Kathy Lynn cruised  along.
Race 2. Course a little longer, more wind pressure, Likety with a clean start took the lead and never lost it. TeeSou  firmly behind saw her chances vanished when her spinnaker halyard snaped  open during the first jibe and went up the mast. Cruising class Achilles Heel could not  profit of her rating and was not able to finish on time.
Next race in two weeks . I do not want to hear excuses like : I’m on the hard  for repairs, I have a swim meet, my engine is down I need a tow…. My bottom is slimmy  I cannot move… I need a crew and so forth !
You can view full results here and on the racing tab.
You can view pictures here and on the Photo Gallery tab.


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