Webejamin and Lickety “Split” races in changing race conditions

So we could pick up the pieces from the last race of the 2011 Governor’s Cup our illustious Race Committee (Richard Truett) decided to venture in the dark and treacherous waters of North Carolina. Five boats braved the 8 knot winds, flat seas and jelly balls (They’re mean when they get hit in the head).

Confidence III, Webejamin, Tee Sou (Skippered by secret weapon Leonard and 3 other crusty sailor-men), three legged Circassia, and last but not least Lickety Split put on a good show of bravery.

A light wind was the saving grace for Tee Sou and Lickety Split with Lickety stealing first place and Tee Sou squeeking a second. But alas in the second race the winds jumped to 15 (or so) and Webe stole the show. Confidence showed honorably as well against the racing few.

–Jeff Defalco

For full race results, see the racing tab or go here.

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