Commodore’s Winter Report

The blizzard of 2010 is gone and our first gathering of the  season is April 10th which is not that far.
Hibernation is over, so let ‘s plan in advance and get these hard duties out of our boots while the weather is still comfortable ( ! ?) .
Pimp your ride while supporting  your local economy . We have talented professionals  who can help you with  bottom cleaning, painting,mechanical , electrical, rigging services or else ( May be  buying a  new Beneteau and you have all of the above !)
Please mark your calendar starting April 10th, every other Saturday , something will be happening at LBSA. No more futile excuses as : The”In laws” are in town, the dog is on the loose , I have  piano lesson or shag classes. This year ,all other activities evolve around LBSA schedule not the contraire.
The best  reward for the actual  participating skippers is to have more unexpected  boats showing up on the  racing or cruising course . So surprise ourselves and yourself , come join the fun, the fleet ; you will be astonished how simple is the first push-off the dock ( meaning the first step).
Keep in mind , you will not be alone., assistance is around the buoy or the crab pot…. You will be rewarded by a lot to share ,tell or brag.
Rumors and lies: Jim Pike is re-powering Webe, Annick is cleaning TeeSou ‘s cobwebs. Jeff is tightening all fasteners on Lickety while Breck is working  on the windage of Runaway custom bimini .  Not to mention, Frank practicing buoy round up  on Kathy Lynn ‘s computer,  Al changing the batteries on Achilles boombox, Bill  narrowing  the tacking angle on Nansea ‘s autopilot and Patrick willing to train anyone in  the flags and beer sequences on the RC boat. Last  but not least, Jerry  succeed in  the safety inspection on Independence,  Orin  is bringing half of his farm’s animals to be rail meat on La bonne vie,  James on True Story is changing the engine muffler for a Harley one  and finally Michael  is fine tuning  Windsong ‘s forestay for a perfect music.
More to come on  Anago, Rowe boat, Janie T, Morning star, Slow’n easy and Suvarov
The website is maintained  by Michael Hetzer  and you will find membership application, the new unavoidable  season calendar and more.
Reading above , I just counted 17 boats that one day or another went out  the past season. Could you imagine if we  have them all ,twice this year : Boats parade and the Gov’Cup.  and  then, let say,half  the number on the regular basis?  What a blast ! Plenty of stories, pictures , teasing etc…
You are the club .  Please,make it happen.
We will see you soon on the water
Patrick  LE GOFF
and the LBSA officers

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