Commodore’s Report from the 2010 LBSA banquet

2009 trophies were awarded to:

Racing / cruising

1- Likety split.2- Kathy Lynn.3- Prelude

Participation :

Independence, Runaway  and True Story

New club officers: Chapel Burgess, Party officer: Jeff Defalco PHRF : Michael Hetzer. website :Breck Caine Treasurer : Renee Defalco, Secretary :

Hans Schreus,Vice-commodore : Patrick Le Goff, commodore

I would like to thank Cheryl and Richard T for their contribution to the club this past year.

Thanks also to  Ben Inman, the Power squadron for the help in the logistics of Parade , Governor’s cup as I am sure ,we will involve them again this season….

Season will start April 10. Make plans for boat haulout, New sails….etc…

We are still looking for dock space for the RC boat.

Membership are due $100 per boat +$30 for one crew, $30 single & $50 Family

Have a safe, warm hibernation….

Patrick LE GOFF
LBSA commodore


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