Major Website Changes

There will be some major upheaval on the website side of things for the next few weeks. I have been hosting the website on my personal Internet servers for a few years now and paying for all the associated costs for having a website.  However my servers are getting a bit long in the tooth and have had dependability issues over the last year or so. I feel pretty happy with them that they have lasted as long  as they have since they have been in continuous service for about eight years. Some of you might remember the website being unavailable for up to a week at one point this past year and this for other periods of time this year. This was due to hardware dying in the servers and needing to be replaced. Due to monetary constraints I am at  this time actually phasing these servers out of existence and moving all the websites hosted on them to commercial hosts. For the moment I have moved the website to You can still access the site by going to though. For most users  getting to the website will not have changed. However due to the differences in capabilities of my servers vs the new hosting you might see significant differences in capabilities that will show up in what features are available and what the site looks like graphically. Some features will be better.. and some might not be available anymore. You will also notice that a lot of the old pictures and files that have been on the site will no long be there. I am working on migrating those files from the old servers to the new servers but will have to wait for the support dept at the new host to work on their end for that to be completed.. Hopefully this will be done by the 14th of sept.

I appreciate your patience as we deal with this transition time.

Scott Carle


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