From their own words:

Nice pics, It was a GREAT day. Michael Hetzer, “WINDSONG”

I road out on “Sea Puppy” with Scott and his new bride, Zsanic,and Lee and Lynda “Morning Star”.

the weather was not bad when we got there and we had enough time to grill some hamburgers and hot dogs. By mid-afternoon,the black turned BLACK and we had to make a quick getaway. There was a showing of four boats,which was to be expected considering that we had hurricane Bill offshore. Nevertheless, I believe that we all had a good time together.


Ila and I were thinking, as we were motoring out to Waites, well it’s possibly only to be us and Patrick/Annick. Especially seeing Lickety Split still in her slip as we left. What a surprise we had as we came to Waites and saw the crowd. We had a very good time. Only 1 problem,we had to leave too soon !!! Always good to be on or near the water and in good company.If you weren’t there,you missed it.

Ila and Al

Achilles Heel.

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