Boat Parade

 Our next event is the boat parade on Saturday, May 23.
The boats will be cruising/racing from the Little River sea buoy to a yellow buoy anchored at the following coordinates: 33 deg 48? 978 N and 78 deg 39? 911 W.
Round trip is 12.5nm.  We will have a staggered start with a warning signal for Achilles Heel at 10:55 am. Boats will start at the designated time (see list below). If your boat is not on the list, let me know and we will assign you a start time.

As usual, we will have a skipper’s meeting at the NMB Yacht Club Saturday at 9 am.  Join the crowd!
I would like to give a special thanks to Ben Inman for making a highly visible LBSA flag for the Race Committee boat.
He has also made club burgees which will be available for $20 a piece at the Gov?Cup party.
As a reminder, the Governor?s Cup is approaching quickly (June 6&7).  Parties will be held at Eagle?s Nest with info following shortly.
See you on the water.
Patrick LE GOFF
LBSA Commodore



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