First Race of the Season

Dear LBSAers,
Your Sultan of Sail- Chief Party Animal SOS-CPA here to do the color
commentary on the Long Bay Sailing Associations first spring race 2009.
If you were one of the few that missed this race, you really missed an
incredible event. Twenty boats were at the line – all jockeying for
position, all heading for the same point in the ocean, all at the same
time- like a herd of charging buffaloes. It was a sight to behold, the
kind of thing that puts a lump in your throat and makes your palms sweat.
Then a voice came over the VHF. I woke up from my reverie and looked
out the inlet to see who showed up. Long time fleet members Independence
and Anago were there. Then there was a new kid in town – Windsong
captained by famous author Michael Hetzer ( ok that part I’m not lying
about). Anago had her new skipper Doug Dorsam making his debut as
Anago’s helmsman and captain. Jerry Batchelder- make that Captain Jerry
Bachelder- was at the helm of Independence. Yes Jerry is now a coast
guard captain. Congratulations Jerry.
The ocean was a bit choppy especially at the inlet, but that didn’t
stop the gallant sailors from plying their trade. We decided
to run out to the two mile fishing buoy a few times and call it a race.
At first the wind was fairly heavy. Then it turned light. The course
was directly downwind to the mark. It was slow going. Coming back from
the buoy the wind picked up and with the outgoing current kicking our
butts, it took quite a while. A poll was taken and it was decreed from
the official committee boat (Anago) that just one lap would suffice as
the first race.
Despite her aging crew and a few bushels of oysters on her bottom,
Anago took line honors. Second over the line was Independence and third
was Windsong. The official results are scrawled on a paper towel in a
top secret place in my sea bag. They will be passed on to professor
DeFalco for interpretation etc. to determine who the true phrf winner is.

After the paparazzi and reporters were all gone we decided to go to
Captain Poo’s for an after party. Why Poo’s – free food of course- we
are sailors after all. If any of this sounds like fun, call your
favorite skipper and get him to take you out. The next race is in two
Ben -your benevolent SOS CPA

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