2009 sailing season is here

The 2009 season is rapidly approaching and the LBSA  club officers are working on an exiting calendar which will please both racers and cruisers.

Our annual banquet / elections  will be held on
Friday 20 March at 6.30pm Grille house North Myrtle Beach

We would like to have by then, all the club members dues paid. Innovation this year is the race “a la carte” ; If you only want to race a couple of time during the season , It will cost $20 per race . For the others ; skipper entering a boat in the series  will pay $100( boat) + one $30 crew ( either paid by a crew or the skipper).

We will also have racing and cruising days with parties on shore or at the anchorage. We encourage  crew registration. For all the other club member, a $30 fees is required  per person. You will receive by mail  registration and disclaimer to be filled up.  We would like to hear from you. Along with your registration ,please, add a couple of comments ,you think the club should address.

The club need  yours support, either on the water or ashore . The race committee boat  will go thru  maintenance to make it reliable  for the season and funds are needed now .

The calendar is posted on the web . Let not forget one thing: we ,all, are the club.

Best regards
LBSA  Executive committee.

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