Racing Clinic

John Barry sent the the following message to invite anyone in the LBSA up to participate in a sailing clinic up at bald head. I’m not sure what the cost is but you should give him a call and check it out if your interested.

john barry
Phone Number 910 457 7245

Exciting news!
Bald Head Island Sailing Club in concert with J World is offering a racing-oriented clinic in the spring of 2009 aboard Bald Head Island Sailing Club’s J/80’s. Inquire now about the course being offered. Space will be limited.
Bald Head Island Sailing Club and J World is offering a racing-oriented course on BHI Sailing Club’s J/80’s that covers sail trim, asymmetric spinnaker handling, and crew organization for sailors with solid helm and sail trim skills. The week is spent focusing on refining boat handling, spinnaker work and changing gears. We move on to starting and boat against boat speed and tactical drills. We finish with a round-the-buoys regatta against your classmates. We will work on mark roundings, speed control, steering techniques, and crew communication. This course is perfect for skippers as well as crew looking to improve their mechanics and race course form. You should see a consistent and noticeable improvement in your regatta finish positions and be ready to compete at the next level.
J World specializes in conducting racing clinics with their team of world-class instructors and coaches. They have traveled from New England to the islands of Hawaii.
If you want to improve on your racing techniques or hone your team’s skills for the big regatta we’re ready to help. J World’s staff is the best in the business for yacht racingtraining. Please give us a call for more information. Dates are tentative at the moment so please call 910 -457 -7245 or email I look forward to hearing from you!

Sail on!

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