Summer series and Gulf Stream fishing contest

The day that we have all been waiting for is almost here. No, not
Christmas, the start of the summer series. YEA!!! This it will be on the
19th day of July, which is a bit later than usual. The two races on
Saturday will be triangles and there will be two starts. The first
start will be at 11:15 am. It will be for the Morgan 32 one design
fleet. The second start for everyone else, will be ten minutes later.
Please RSVP me or Lou via e-mail or phone so we can get a head count. We
have several new sailors who want to come out and have some fun and they
will be looking for a boat, so if you are short on crew show up at the
Meeting Saturday morning at 9:00 am on the front porch of the Myrtle
Beach Yacht Club and pick up some extra bodies. When you RSVP, let us
know if you are interested in a raft up and cook out behind Bird Island.
For those who did not make the Georgetown 4th run, you missed a wonderful
trip. The river was beautiful and Georgetown really put on a show. The
winds the next day were not very strong but the seas were quiet so it
wasn’t bad. The only bad thing about the trip home was the fish were not
Speaking of FISH ! There is some interest in having a Gulf stream
fishing contest. Here is the plan. Leave on Friday evening, sail out to
the Gulf stream over night (about 50 miles), fish all Saturday and Sail
back in Saturday night. If you are interested in this let us know and we
will figure out a date.
The wooden boat race is July 26. If you have never done it, you have
missed out on a really fun time. Call Gwen Tanner 910-279-4317 to let
her know you are coming or if you have any questions.
Hope to see you Saturday

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