Club update, 4th of July Georgetown Update, Upcoming Class for summer race series….

Thanks to all of the people who helped with the Governors’ Cup. It was unfortunate that the rains came before Jeff could give out the trophies, but we did get to eat some really good hot dogs and burgers.  I don’t know if it was Patrick and Al’s cooking or just hunger, but they were fabulous!  The results are on the web if you want to peek.

Mean while,  next Friday (the fourth of July) we have a trip to Georgetown scheduled.  The plan is to leave Little River around 8:00 am and motor down the Intracoastal Waterway to Georgetown, arriving around 4:00 pm.  We will then anchor behind Main Street in Georgetown, then dingy to shore or from boat to boat for a movable feast. This is time to show off you culinary skills. We can do burgers on the grill while the city of Georgetown provides the Fireworks.  Saturday morning we will head down the river to the sea and have a 47 mile broad reach back to Little River.  Please let us know which boats wish to join us on this fun weekend. Please call Lou or Richard, or e-mail us.  Lou:  843 602-2193, or e-mail Richard,, 843 222-9538.  Lets have a large time !
The next weekend we will have a Class on race starts and race finish. There was some confusion during the Governors’ Cup on the race instructions so we will be issuing  the Summer Series race instructions and reviewing the meaning of some of the terms used in race instructions.  I promise it will not be as boring as it sounds.  Make sure that you have at least one of your crew at the class to get your race instructions. Look at it as an in depth Captains’ meeting.
The first race of the Summer series will be July 19th, start calling your crew, if your need some let Richard know, he has a list you new members that want to come out and play.  (refer back to the captains e-mail that was sent out last month)
The Wooden Boat Race will July 26!!  If you never have done it you owe it to yourself to go. It is a large time.  If you want to take your boat or have question e-mail Gwen Tanner at
Here’s some news,  All Merchant Marines (licensed captains and mate) are now required to have a TWIC ID.  For more information go to

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