LBSA May Newsletter from the Commodore

Ahoy me Mateys:

If you missed last Saturday’s race you missed one of the most beautiful sailing days ever.  You also missed Lickety Split’s new style of spinnaker flying.. Sideways!
But the big news for next weekend is the annual “Sailboat Parade”.  That is   definitely the right time to untie the boat and join the fun.  This is an event that the non-racers can enjoy.  For those of you not familiar with the “Parade”, this is where we place a mark at one end of North Myrtle Beach and have a staggered start based on handicap, so that we all arrive at the mark at the same time,  at least that is the plan anyway….  So call your friends, family, dock mates, old college buddies and get the boat out of the slip and on the ocean.  We also have several new members who want to learn to sail, so crew is available. Please  make the Captains’ meeting, Saturday morning at 9:00 am on the front porch of the Myrtle Beach Yacht Club.
I am still trying to get the bugs out of my e-mail system so call or e-mail your friends and crew and make sure everyone is up to speed on all the up coming events.  Could someone tell Hans to e-mail either me or Lou.  Better yet, mail your membership application to PO Box 1646 in Little River, SC 29566.
A short Governors’ Cup update.  The T-shirts are ordered, as well as the trophies.  Renee is working on food and entertainment.  We are looking at buying a tent, rather than renting one.  We need tables and chairs, if you have one or more that we can use please contact Renee or Lou so we can get an idea of how many we will have.
Look forward to seeing you at the Parade.

Your Commode Door

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