Stede Bonnet Video

At long last I have finished the video from the Stede Bonnet Race weekend. For you serious race nuts I have to disapoint you and tell you that there is no actual pictures or video of the race itself… I’m not sure what happened but nobody took a camera out during the actually race. But we have a fun 13 minute clip of the trip up the party and the trip back. Pirates, Pirate captives, beheadings, Pirate Wenches and Partying!!!!

Click on the link below and it will take you to my site where you can stream the video and watch it. Or down load it and watch it on your computer later.

Be warned it is large at 68 megs in size. A normal highspeed internet connection is needed to stream it. If you have dial up you will need to download it overnight maybe.

Stede Bonnet Weekend Video

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