Stede Bonnett

Hello all of the LBSA!!

Well we have come to the conclussion of another year of racing but that does not mean sailing is over. There will be plenty of days between now and next season for us to be out on the water and sailing and I hope to see you all out there.

As you all are aware of two boats went to the annual “Stede Bonnett Regatta” this year, LC Marie and Valkyr. A huge time was had by one and all I can assure you of that. Neither boat managed to finish the race as one there was no wind and the current was pushing us faster backwards that the wind was could move us forward so “Valkyr” dropped out after 2 hours of not moving and returned to port for the party. Unfortunately LC Marie had to wait a little longer as she had run aground at the junction of the Intracoastal and the Cape Fear River in the vicinity of where the race starts every year. Good news is no one was hurt and vessel not damaged just had to sit still for awhile untilQuando il giocatore di blackjack online poker game si ritiene soddisfatto del punteggio e passa il gioco al banco, quest’ultimo si comporta secondo la seguente regola: deve pescare una carta finche il punteggio delle proprie carte non e uguale o superiore a 17; in questo caso il banco non puo piu pescare altre carte. the tide came back in.

My crew for this year was myCentinaia di loro giocano in casinos in linea e poker camere. daughter Zsanic’ Simms, Scott Carle, Miriam Stack, Dave (can’t remember his last name), and last but not least Sailor the cat, the adimiral. Richard Truett crewed for Jerry on LC Marie. The party afterwards was alot of fun as anyone that has been there in years past can attest to.

Although sailing on Saturday was nonexistent I can not say the same for Sunday and our trip home. On Sunday the wind was blowing 15 gusting to 20 with seas running around two feet. We came home and had a wonderful day on the ocean and sailing. A wonderful beam reach all the way home, did not have to tack once. What a great day and weekend. That is not to say we didn’t have our issues as Valkyr overheated going up on Friday and Richard jumped aboard from LC and rearranged some of the plumbing and we were able to finish the trip and attempt to race on Saturday and return home on Sunday withour further incident. Thanks so much Richard and Jerry for rendering the assistance.

I will be announcing the location and date of the annual fall banquet and election of new officers in the near future so watch your emails for the announcement.

Scott took some awesomeWallpaper Yamaha Motor is proud to present a selection of images you can download as toques for your computer desktop. videos of us sailing back and they are posted on his website “” and when the first page comes up go to #5 on the front page and select the one labled Angela’s 38′ Downeaster. Thanks Scott for the wonderful video.

I hope to see all around this winter and next year sailing.

Thanks to all of those that supported me and this club this year and all the hard work you put forth for this club. A lot of things would not have happened withour the assistance of Richard, Patrick, Pat Tyler, and several others. Thanks to all for all of your support.

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