June 30th Race and Captains meeting

Hello all of the LBSA:

As all or most of you all are aware of Jeff and Rene Defalco had a fire this last week and suffered severe damage. Both of their cars were destroyed and the house suffered severe damage at least according to the pictures I saw. Jeff, Rene if there is anything we can do to help let us know!!

Now, about this weekend race. As all of you are aware we have a race scheduled for this coming saturday. We will do the Captains meeting 0900 at the Myrtle Beach Yacht Club under the veranda. I hope to see as many as possible there, our attendance at our races seems to be on the decline this year! Let’s see if we can’t change that.

After the race we will meet offshore and tentatively plan on the first race beginning at 1100 or as close to that time as possible. The second race will begin as soon as possible after the first race ends. There has been some talk about after the race some boats rafting up behind either Bird or Waites Island. There has also been some talk of anchoring out for one or two nights. I could not anchor out on saturday but may do so on friday, I have to work on sunday.

Is there anyone out there that would like to run committee boat for this race? I hope to see all of you saturday morning at the captains meeting or out on the water for the race and possibly the after activities.

Have a safe week and enjoy the water every chance you get!!

Angela Simms

Commodore LBSA


(Duchess of the Deep/Planetary Commander) haha!!

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