2007 Governors Cup is in the History Books

Well ladies and gentlemen of the LBSA the 2007 Governors Cup is in the books. The showing this year was light but the competition was intense and challenging. As most of you know we did not have the best of weather this weekend with the storm coming up out of Florida. We had not huge seas on Saturday but big seas. They were not too bad out past the buoy but still not flat like we tend to get so used to. The winds were gust ranging from 10 to 20 knots. Unfortunately we had to cancel the race on Sunday but we did get two races in on Saturday.

I want to thank our Race Committee Craig Milliken and his son Brad from Lake Norman Yacht club for officiating this event for us. I also want to thank Richard Truett for his work on preparing this event and for running the committee boat for us. I would be completely remiss in my duties if I did not thank Cheryl Locke, Rene and Jeff Defalco for all of their hard work. Cheryl arranged for the caterer and hors douvres for Friday at the captains meeting. Rene brought hors douvres and she managed to get us a place at Mariners Point on Saturday when the weather was inclement for outdoor festivities. Rene also arranged out music for the evening and I want to thank him as well. It was Johnny Rene’s brother and his music was fantastic. Jeff arranged for us to have trophies for presentation on Sunday and he assisted with the PHRFF and race results. Thanks to all for all of your assistance without which this event would not have been possible.

Now for the part that everyone is interested in the race results. The two races went off without a hitch and were excellently run. For now I am only going to announce the overall winners as the total race results will be posted a little later.

From Cruising Class the following are the Results:

in third place was Valkyr.

2nd place went to Sea Puppy

1st place was awarded to Achilles Heel

congratulations to those captains and their crews.

Now for the racing class. The results are as follows:

3rd place went to TeeSou

2nd place went to Winds of Freedom

1st place went to the new Beneteau boat Tenor

The overall winner for the event also goes to the new Beneteau boat Tenor.

Congratulations to all of the crews and especially to winners.

Hopefully next year we will have a better field with more boats and better weather. I am sure the weather played a part in the small showing this year. I hope all that participated in the event and festivities enjoyed themselves and will return next year.

Good luck to all and good sailing. I will be posting information and upcoming events periodically so stay in touch and view the web page often.

Angela, Commodore

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